Yukon Training believes that what happens before and after training is just as important as what happens in training. That’s why we created Cameo, a web-based tool that delivers scenario-based learning reinforcement via email.

Cameo focuses on the forgotten phase of learning: follow-up. With Cameo, you can continually reinforce the key learning points from any training event and it only takes your learners a minute each week.

The challenge with knowledge centers, learning portals, and other performance support tools is that they are only effective when the learner decides to use them (aka, pull technology). It’s the age old question, “If you build it, will they come?” Cameo differs from these and many other learning reinforcement tools, because it uses a “push” method of learning.

With Cameo, the reinforcement is delivered to your learner’s doorstep. They don’t have to log into another system and search for the learning, the learning is right there in their email inbox just a click away.