The process of selling has changed forever. The difference between sales professionals who thrive and those who struggle to survive is how well they harness and align the value of their products and services to customers. There is a widening gap between what companies offer and what customers actually value and are willing to pay for.

To close this gap and truly understand what customers value, Communicating and Creating Value™ provides sales professionals with actionable solutions and prepares them to:

• Identify the reasons customers buy products and services
• Understand and manage customers’ perceptions of “value”
• Distinguish between value statements and value propositions
• Develop and communicate unique product values in the customer’s terms
• Evaluate the effectiveness and impact of value propositions used in selling situations

Upon completion of  Communicating and Creating Value™, participants can expect to immediately improve their ability to develop and communicate a compelling value proposition that aligns with customers’ strategic objectives. Participants will also master the tools and tactics necessary to create unique value propositions and effectively communicate with customers.

Keep your team one-step ahead of the competition and create a thriving sales force by clearly communicating and differentiating through Communicating and Creating Value™.

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