Poor communication is a preventable problem that costs companies billions of dollars. A recent study by the Holmes Report showed that the average cost per company as a result of miscommunication was $62 million per year for 400 US and UK companies surveyed! That same study revealed that barriers to communication resulted in over $26K annually for each employee!

Effective communication skills are identified in survey after survey as one of the top five skills that contribute to employee success at every level in an organization. And this goes beyond presentation skills as the majority of workplace communication occurs informally. Whether it’s a face-to-face conversation, a carefully crafted email message or even a social media post, the way we communicate always has an impact on others.

Oftentimes, the root cause of miscommunication is a gap between what a person intended to communicate and how it was interpreted. In Communicating with Confidence™, we introduce a continuous communications model that shows attendees how to reduce the gap between intent and impact.

Following attendance at this fast-paced workshop, learners’ communication skills improve through a new ability to:

• Uncover hidden obstacles to clear communication
• Create a message structure that matches the purpose of a given message
• Really listen to others – with their eyes, ears and hearts
• Select the best delivery channel for every message
• Improve receptivity by targeting their messages

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