“You should start every negotiation by assuming a creative solution exists that allows both parties to win.”

Negotiations are not merely focused on a signed contract at the end of a sales call. For over 30 years, Yukon Training has worked with companies, both large and small, to negotiate more time, resources, and leverage over their competition.

Customer-Focused Negotiations™ prepares individuals for greater success negotiating, including hands-on experience with:

• Identifying the different styles of negotiation and when to use each
• Discovering individual motivation behind a stated position
• Recognizing and responding to tactics during negotiations
• Determining when face-saving issues are in play and how to successfully address them
• Effective strategies for dealing with tough, positional negotiators

Upon completion of Yukon Training’s Customer Focused Negotiations™ workshop, participants can expect to:

• Utilize a simple yet effective planning process that greatly increases successful outcomes
• Develop negotiation strategies based on stated positions and underlying issues
• Conduct successful negotiations that produce satisfying outcomes and strengthen relationships

Through pre-work, interactive workshops, computer-based simulations, customized case studies, and post training reinforcement you can bring these concepts to action through Customer Focused Negotiations.

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Customer Focused Negotiations

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Influencing with Impact

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Persuasive Presentation Skills

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