Difficult negotiators pose a challenge, regardless of how skilled you are at working with others and collaborating on creative solutions. It is essential to understand the strategies and negotiation styles that factor into working with a difficult negotiator so that you can reach a satisfying outcome for all.

Handling Difficult Negotiators™ prepares learners to:

• Understand negotiation styles and how to approach each individual
• Identify and work with indirect or hidden stakeholders
• Incorporate negotiation strategies into the planning process
• Realize how rapport, trust, and credibility are key building blocks
• Integrate key executives and SMEs into a negotiation
• Develop a personal strategy to use key negotiation skills and behaviors on a daily basis

These objectives are achieved through:

• A customized workshop, facilitated by trainers with extensive experience
• Use of advanced computer simulations, custom case studies and innovative Negotiation WarGames™
• Pre and post work, including online modules and Yukon Training’s proprietary learning reinforcement and message sustainability tool, Cameo
• Move to the next level of leadership, trust, relevance, and credibility through Handling Difficult Negotiators™

The Handling Difficult Negotiators™ workshop is delivered in a one or two day format.

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