Presentations are a primary opportunity to communicate value. Gaining the skills and techniques necessary to present effectively are achieved through Persuasive Presentation Skills™.

Persuasive Presentation Skills™ prepares learners to:

• Deliver a presentation using the 4P process
• Adjust your presentation style, delivery, and duration based on the audience
• Prepare your presentation with the right amount of information
• Develop and use eye-catching visuals that enhance any presentation
• All of the above skills and more are reinforced through the use of stimulating teamwork projects and exercises created to match and complement the course materials and provide a working model for use in the field

These objectives are achieved through:

• A customized workshop, facilitated by trainers with extensive experience
• Pre and post work, including online modules and Yukon Training’s proprietary learning reinforcement and message sustainability tool, Cameo

The Persuasive Presentation Skills™ workshop is delivered in a half or full day format with a focus on presenting, building presentations, or both.

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