Being able to listen and respond accordingly to verbal and nonverbal signals is key to effective communication. Learn the techniques to enhance your listening skills and communicate with others in this course.

Reflective Listening™ prepares learners to:

• Understand the purposes and barriers of effective communication
• Read nonverbal communication and respond appropriately
• Ensure they are not only “hearing” what others are saying, but “listening”
Reduce the gap in communication between the intent and impact of the message through reflective listening
• Build empathy and openness among those they are communicating with

These objectives are achieved through:

• A customized workshop, facilitated by trainers with extensive experience
• Pre and post work, including : online modules and Yukon Training’s proprietary learning reinforcement and message sustainability tool, Cameo

Improving listening skills is essential to communicate effectively and work collaboratively. Techniques necessary to understand and communicate with others are achieved through Reflective Listening™.

The Reflective Listening™ workshop is delivered in a half day format.

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