Selling in today’s environment requires a different set of skills and strategies that focus on understanding the role of senior executives in the buying process. Individuals must not only understand the issues and concerns of their C-suite customers, but they have to think and talk like executives. This includes knowing where in the sales cycle they get involved, why they get involved and what this means to an effective sales strategy. It is crucial to quickly and efficiently identify the relevant executives who have the rank and political influence with an internal network that allows him/her to initiate projects, kill projects, intervene in projects, and find funding.

Based on industry-leading market research, Selling Higher™ addresses these needs and prepares individuals for greater selling success through developing a set of crucial skills, including:

• Preparing for an executive call using a variety of research tools
• Identifying the relevant executives who are involved in the customer’s decision process by enlisting the support of gatekeepers, getting past the roadblocks, creating interest at the first meeting, and continuing to add value in order to establish credibility as a business resource
• Identifying the appropriate advocates within that organization and access executives at any level
• Developing a clear and compelling message based on the customer’s unique challenges, goals, and strategies that is perceived as providing value across the customers organization
• Understanding executives’ mindsets and communicating in a way that interests them
• Connecting the sellers’ strategic initiatives with the strategic direction of your customer

Upon completing Selling Higher™, participants can expect to penetrate deeper into customer organizations at higher levels with more access to the relevant executives who impact the buying process. Participants will plan for and measure an increased level of access to senior level executives through a variety of tested and proven techniques, as well as demonstrate an improved ability to secure “follow-up” meetings with higher-level executives.

Take your team to the next level and expand your business both horizontally and vertically across your customer accounts with Selling Higher™.

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