“Yukon Training is fantastic.  Dennis not only has a passion for teaching but has a deep understanding on how he can impact each class with real world experience.  You will take away so much and will be ready to take on any challenge in the work place.  I highly recommend Yukon Training.  10/10”

-Human Resources and Marketing Professional

“Shortly after the workshop was delivered, we received excellent feedback from attendees.  It was described as practical, applicable, and entertaining.  I liked the way Yukon made the workshop a turnkey exercise for me and the co-facilitators.  The notes pages and prompts were all very well done, and the flow of the workshop made sense.  We were allowed to make necessary changes, which we did easily, but we kept true to the instructional intent.  Thank you for pricing the workshop sensibly and for allowing it to be reused within the walls of our company to other interested audiences.  Yukon seems to really ‘get it’.”

-Associate Director, Market Access, Healthcare Company

I run the Buccino Institute Leadership at Seton Hall University and our students and faculty have benefited tremendously from Yukon Training.  I was really impressed with their ability to tailor content for our leaders and deliver that content in a way that really moved the needle for us.  Cannot recommend Dennis Falci and Yukon Training enough.”

-Director, University Leadership Institute

“I wanted to take the time to share my incredibly positive experiences with Yukon Training. I have been in the pharmaceutical industry for many years and have a lot of experience in training and with the use of external vendors. It is a true pleasure to work with Dennis and his Yukon team. I have partnered with Yukon in my last three positions. They take the time to listen to my overall strategy and what our needs are to develop the necessary appropriate training. Dennis and his team seamlessly become a part of my team. I appreciate their outstanding depth of training experience and market knowledge. They offer all levels of training from beginners to advanced. It is a true pleasure to partner with the Yukon. I highly recommend you partner with Dennis and the Yukon Team!”

-Senior Director, Learning and Development, Software Company

“Yukon really gets it! I have been leading Market Access teams for many years and I was impressed with how the team at Yukon were able to tap into the complexities of payer Account Management. They provided a tailored approach to our Account Management training, which gave us real workable scenarios that we were able to apply with our customers. The pre-meeting work was as important as the training itself and gave us the feeling that we were partners as opposed to fitting into a template for Pharma. Yukon’s Mark Moyer is the best in the business and his credibility went a long way with our seasoned AMs who were asking for more after our session completed. Yukon is a real find in the world of training and consulting, I encourage you to track them down for real benefits for your Market Access teams.”

-Vice President, Market Access Team, Healthcare Company

“Yukon’s customized approach to their training truly separates them from others we have used in the past. My team was able to immediately implement what they learned, and still comment on the impact of the session.  I don’t normally write reviews, but had to say thank you!  We will be using Yukon for additional sessions in the future.”

-Vice President, Operations, Clothing Franchise

“Highly recommend Yukon Training! Dennis Falci is resourceful, reliable, and always practical.  Real world training for real world results.”

-Manager, Strategy and Ops Pharmaceutical Company

“The facilitator contacted me well in advance of meeting dates to connect and discuss content. His presentation style was warm and inclusive. He connected with individual members by name and all members’ questions were thoughtfully answered”
– Chairman, Advisory Company

“Yukon Training did an outstanding job! It was a great course – very helpful with valuable insight around “real world” negotiating tactics and strategies. Our facilitator was polished with good energy. Examples were appropriate – Phenomenal job!”
– Regional Director, Automotive Industry

“The Yukon Training workshop was definitely the best workshop of the many I have attended in my professional career. The instructor’s real life experiences in the field and practical tools are what separated Yukon from others.”
– VP, Consumer Company

“Very good training course. I was expecting the same old training course repackaged as something new, but I was pleasantly surprised with what was learned. My entire team liked the training class.”
– District Sales Manager, Consumer Products Company

“I found the Value Proposition training to be excellent. Pragmatic, relevant, and readily applicable to our situation. The Yukon Training team did a great job facilitating. The worksheet used to develop Value Proposition at the end of the workshop will be installed as part of our account planning and calling materials.”
– Vice President, National Accounts – Consumer Products Company

“Yukon Training just finished a communications training with 200 of our people in New Jersey. The facilitators taught principles of influence and reflective listening that mesmerized these young men and women. It will help them tremendously in their work. All of the facilitators were skilled and had a wonderful way of connecting with our audience. I recommend Yukon Training without reservation.”
– Owner, Consumer Products Company

“The Yukon facilitator gave our organization several incredible negotiations training workshops. Yukon Training’s book, pocket guides, and planning templates helped us immeasurably. I still use many of these techniques every day.”
– Owner, Fire Protection Company

“It was a great opportunity to attend the advanced negotiation training program. The program is powerful, and was very organized. It will allow us to think of some effective strategies for dealing with tough, positional negotiators.”
– District Manager, Healthcare Company, Taiwan

“The role play negotiation situations where much more valuable that the traditional one-on-one role play exercises I have experienced with other companies. The negotiation workshop overall was extremely useful. Our role as sales reps has expanded in the sense that we must wear many hats and have conversations/meetings with many different types of customers at different levels. I thought that went very well. The training was a very useful experience; I will use the material learned in upcoming negotiations.”
– Account Director, Hotel Chain

“I thought Yukon Training was very well organized and presented in a way that was both engaging and realistic. As simplistic as this may sound, I didn’t realize just how instrumental our personal characteristics and values are when influencing other people, whether they are clients, colleagues or acquaintances. The Yukon Training facilitator did a fantastic job at presenting and correlating each concept and principle as it related to our mission and work flow. Thank you so much for the opportunity to participate in this valuable program.”
– Clinical Sales Training Specialist, Medical Device Company

“Of all the sales training courses I have attended in my 29+ sales career, the Yukon course was one of the best. The Negotiations and Value Proposition courses were great. The information was very helpful and can be applied to my sales calls and meeting everyday. I hope other teams within our organization have the opportunity to experience the training. I am certain it will translate into a higher level of success for me and my team.”
– Senior Sales Specialist, Medical Device Company

“The feedback I received from my team on Yukon Training’s workshop was outstanding. I look forward to our next training session this summer.”
– Head of Market Access Training, Pharmaceutical Company

“Yukon made it real for us. It was some of the very best training that I have experienced. Our facilitator was an awesome teacher and provided so many thoughts and ideas. They [the facilitators] were realistic in their roles in the role playing sessions. They led the conversation effectively and changed gears when we needed to.”
– Training Director, Pharmaceutical Company

“Our facilitator was awesome! His experience and being able to provide us with real world feedback is priceless. I would love to have more time with him in a workshop to learn more. He brought in additional “real world” scenarios which sparked very good conversation amongst our group.”
– District Manager, Pharmaceutical Company

“Our facilitator, was superb. He has an extensive background in account selling and made these workshops very real and valuable to us. Kudos to him!!”
– Key Account Manager, Pharmaceutical Sales

“THANK YOU!!! The training you provided exceeded the expectations of every team member. I have had a number of folks approach me to share how much they got out of the negotiations workshop. I was told that the case studies were the most valuable part of our week-long meeting and they would love to do it again!”
– Senior Strategic Accounts Business Manager, Pharmaceutical Company

“Yukon Training and their “World Class” team make what some may consider complex concepts very simple. They have offered us the opportunity to deliver more impact with teammates and customers, and the concepts taught have a “shelf-life” far more impressive than many of the other development programs I have completed.”
– Associate Director, Pharmaceutical Company

“Thank you! Yukon Training did a fantastic job on the workshop – great content, timing, the right level of knowledge transferred. The Sales VPs were thrilled with how it went so smoothly. They were extremely happy with how engaged everyone was.”
– Vice President, Strategic Accounts

“We found after our negotiation training, our sales representatives are more confident and better prepared to deal with hospital administrators.”
– Regional Manager, Surgical Supply Company, China

“The participant workbook is excellent and current; capturing the slide content and amazingly relevant video clips.”
– Company Executive, US Markets

“What you have been able to do so quickly for us has been remarkable! Your vision on remote learning has been spot on and invaluable.”
– VP Sales