Being an effective leader in a virtual environment is no longer a nice to have – it is a necessity. While professionals now have extensive experience operating in a virtual environment, that does not mean that they are using the optimal strategies to engage with others.

Enable your team to excel digitally with Customer Interactions in a Virtual Environment.

Customer Interactions in a Virtual Environment prepares learners to:

• Understand the principles of interacting with customers in a virtual environment to maximize effectiveness
• Discover why traditional meeting and presenting tactics are not all transferable to a virtual environment, and what to do instead
• Examine ways to improve your virtual engagement skills and how to create the best experience for your customers
• Build rapport, trust, and credibility in a virtual environment
• Capture the attention of your customers and have clear takeaways from each virtual interaction
• Develop a personal strategy to use key virtual skills for every meeting

These objectives are achieved through:

• A customized workshop, facilitated by trainers with extensive experience
Pre and post work, including online modules and Yukon Training’s proprietary learning reinforcement and message sustainability tool, Cameo

Structure and lead impactful meetings in a digital environment through Customer Interactions in a Virtual Environment.

The Customer Interactions in a Virtual Environment workshop is delivered in a half or full day format, and can be virtual or live.

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